My first volume set after my top single today was an 8 or 9 out of 10 in terms of hip pain (290x3). The weight moved well enough, but it hurt. A lot. I got upset, disheartened, surprised, and frustrated. Thanks to @dillon_cbb and @sandra_cbb I was able to talk myself through stripping everything down and warming back up to a comfortable 280x3. It would appear that the cues and intents I have in the equipment don’t suit my raw deadlift anymore. This block should be an interesting experiment in exactly what that means. • • • • • #Calgary #calgarybarbell #yyc @calgarybarbell #squats #bench #benchpress #deadlift #deadlifts #powerlifter #powerlifting #coach #onlinecoach #strength #garagegym #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitspo #IPF #CPU #APU #StrongarmSport #reactivetrainingsystems #canadianprotein @canadianprotein @thestrengthedge @titanpower81 @bryce_cbb bryce_cbb Bryce Krawczyk

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atp_powerlifting - Adam Steiger ⚪⚪⚪ 2 months ago

I feel this. About 3 years of the same glute pain with me. Flares up on and off. Pisses me off everytime. Everytime it comes back all i can think is I though I was making progress. What if it never stops. Just remember how much process you've made regardless of the pain holding you back. Most others would have quit. But not us. Keep killing it bro and putting out the great content

andros_sam - Samuel Andre 2 months ago

Man, do you have a video on your channel detailing this hip problem, how it started, ect? Might be cool as a "student" to understand a little bit more than "Oh well, powerlifters get hurt, obviously" and see how it started and developed. Thanks for sharing.

iandeadlifts - Ian Bell 2 months ago

That transition form equipped to raw deadlifting is so weird for the first couple of weeks.