Good morning London 💙 @douniabrinis douniabrinis Dounia Zed Brinis

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sousou_chafa - Sousou 3 days ago

Aww really? Are you at Westminster?? How many days are u staying ? I hope you're staying over the week end, I really want to see u?

hassibabrafta - Hassiba Brafta 3 days ago

منذ حوالي السبع سنوات كنت في ذات المكان لم ارد أن التقط صورة لانني وعدت نفسي أن اعود الى هناك 😍⁦❤️⁩

dried_flower1 - Alone 🌻 3 days ago

Wow! I wonder how was it. I've never felt like I belong there. I mean especially recently. I'm a stanger that will find a place of comfort someday in this world. ~ P.S I hope you enjoyed babe! 😘

noorelle1 - Noor-Elle 3 days ago

Salam alikom sister, we can meet here if you want ❤️ I really want to discuss with you bent bladi 🇩🇿