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the.dmvegan - The DMVegan 1 week ago

Terrible terrible terrible!!!!! Bread and yogurt aren’t going to burn any fat. Stop the lies! Stop the madness!!!

vini.araujjo - Vini Araujo 1 week ago

Did you just suggest that CARBS help lose excess fat when it’s factually proven to NOT do that? Carbs are by far your worst enemy aside from alcohol and sugar when it comes to losing excess fat. What a post.

ethicallyeilan - Eilan Kerry 1 week ago

lean protein can burn fat , but animal proteins are extremely high in saturated fat, directly correlate to cancer , diabetes and heart disease, contain toxic chemicals , and raise cholesterol. Why do you promote this?

ethicallyeilan - Eilan Kerry 1 week ago

@bcondo0808 No, of course I don't support eating muscle. I was simply just explaining to someone that the body burns fat better when your body is more muscular than fatty. I support eating plants for protein, because they are a more pure source, more ethical, and more nutrient dense. Americans are obsessed with protein and we often consume too much.

lucylu_runs_places - Lucy P 1 week ago

No food burn fat. You burn fat by creating a calorie deficit, keeping an eye on your macros and exercising regularly. You can't just sit on your backside and eat bloody oranges 😂😂😂

dnell711 - 2LLs • Darnell 5 days ago

This is propaganda chicken, salmon, bread and yogurt? None of this will help in getting rid of bodyfat since our bodies take so much energy in digesting these foods in our bellies which in turn will have them sit in our bellies longer 🤦🏾‍♂️. Please do adequate research and not spread inaccurate information.

solidnoticeart - 4 days ago

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