Alexa, play “Not Afraid” by Eminem. • The Universe is doing something. Something is abrewin’. Both in me and out of me. It’s in the air. It’s begun. • The Metamorphosis 🦋 • The Human Experience 🔮 • Aside from poetic depth...YALL. This sleeve though 😍. I have never been more happy. There’s something so special about an artist, a master, like @sondertattoo that illustrates symbols, themes, feelings and life in the way she does. If you are in the Austin area and are looking to get some work done HIT HER UP! @izzyelubaydy izzyelubaydy IZZY║Personal Trainer 📍Austin

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the_griffin1 - Chris Griffin 1 week ago

Love you big guy. My body is almost healed up and looking hit the gym with you again. Also, thanks for the tattoo recommendation. Cheers big guy.

sondertattoo - 1 week ago

Izzy! Thank you for everything that you do and who are you!! We are all lucky to have you in our lives.♥️

kricex - 𝑘𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑒 2 days ago

I’d love to see the rest of that forearm sleeve 😍 I’ve been looking for an artist and love whats shown in this photo.