Last leg day of the year :’-) Deadlift: 640x1 Low Bar: 455 Banded Deadlift: 545x2 @jarrywheels jarrywheels Jared Cruz

shredstein - Ed Borstein 3 weeks ago

Jarry pls let me caress your ample bosom and suckle your luscious teets so one day I may absorb a fraction of your strength thru your anabolic breast milk

haggis_willie - Haggis Willie 3 weeks ago

Could you widen your leg stance a bit more so you do the splits ... the bar barely went more than 2 inches in height.....

fakestnatty - Matt Chin - 19 Y/O 3 weeks ago

I want u to cum inside me so I can bear your child. And then I want you to give me nuru massages every night until we divorce. Then, 15 years later, I want to reconnect and meet up for coffee. From there we will make sweet love under the moonlight on a sandy beach, and fall in love again. We will slope and spend the rest of our lives growing old and wrinkly while our kids have grandchildren and we create an epic lineage.