Happy Mother’s Day ♥️ Sending love to all the wonderful Moms. Never in a moment do I ever think what I had to give up being a mother to two beautiful children, only what I have gained and how much my life has been enriched through the experience. Unconditional love and knowing their happiness is my happiness and nothing else matters.♥️ * We are celebrating #mothersday 🌸 with a 30% off #toneybands promotion. Save 10% with my code and 20% from the website! Give the gift of fitness 💥👌today is the last day of this amazing offer! * * Use code @toneybandsthursday/Joni at checkout for discount 🤩 * * Join @toneybands @tonka_cascais, the inspirational Pilates instructors (tagged below 👇) and for creative workout ideas you can practice at home and anywhere!!! * Hashtag #toneybandsthursday both in your posts and stories so we can share the knowledge and continue to grow this amazing community together 💫 * Follow the amazing team below: @tonka_cascais @traceymallettfitness @judypilates @sweat.love.soul @pilates_fit_monica @pilateswithloz @monenename @jillharrispilates @studiopilates365 @studiofocuspilates @pilatesplaceyyc @thichapilates @zaynagold @revivalpilates @equitness @cb.fitpilates @gracefitstudio @ksjbodycontrol @victorsorli_pilates @yasminkarachiwala @mickiphit @nancycastiglioni @lisakayepilates @lisahubbardpilates @mat.pilates #balanceforbetter #toneybandsthursday #pilates #pilatesbody #pilatesmat #pilatestv #pilatescommunity #pilatesinspiration #pilatesinstructor #homeworkout #strengthtraining #healingwithpilates #toneybandsthursday #coreworkout #fitnessmotivation #posteriorchain #glutesworkout #jjweeks_pilates @jjweeks_pilates jjweeks_pilates Joni Weeks

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