Runners high! Maybe the best feeling there is.. and maybe also the number one reason why I keep myself motivated. I do think that we all need something in our lives that makes us feel more alive, whatever that is. Don’t you think? #runnershigh #instarunners #running #run #runner #löpning #älskalöpning #palmademallorca #runningterritory #monitorthebeat #runplanet @josefineswarm josefineswarm Josefine Swärm

tjorngren - Jan Tjörngren 1 week ago

Hoppas komma tillbaka till den känslan snart igen...löpförbud från min fysioterapeut...får hitta mina highs på gymmet tills dess🤘

ex_machina_ - Aldiana Sterjova 1 week ago

I cannot wait to experience it! I am only just beginning my lifelong love affair with running and am experiencing stumbling blocks along the way, but I guess that is how we learn 😊 also I ask Dr Google lol. To be able to achieve meditative, peaceful , zen like of state - what I imagine a runners high would be like - where everything feels just right- must be an incredible feeling! No ruminating over the past, no worrying over the future, but just experiencing the joy of running and being present in the moment. 🖤 #mygoals