...and to think shoulders used to be one of my weakest body parts... #ShutUpAndWork @luckylibra213 luckylibra213 IFBB PRO Andre Ferguson♎♎🇯🇲🇯🇲

mitchelchauvie - Mitchel Chauvie 1 week ago

Delts definitely ain’t a weak point anymore bro. Shows your determination and focus to make every body part grow no matter what and stay with that flow and symmetry.

rarebandy - ANDY MILLER, JR. 🎅🏿📲⚡️ 1 week ago

I went to get a coffee today and who tf face did I see at the register on a magazine?! The big bad mf wolf! 😂😂 That’s whats up, imma go back and grab it later on today, I didn’t take my wallet inside.