⭐️ OFF PLAN TEA ⭐️ okay so let me start by saying this is NOT a regular occurrence. This is the first home delivered takeaway I’ve had this year! Which, if you knew me before you would know is a HUGE achievement!!! 🎊 to celebrate my 5 stone (I’m not a dog, I know you shouldn’t reward yourself with food) but this is all I’ve fancied and so I thought why not?! It’s not going to put that 5 stone back on!! If anything I just need to work harder this week 😆 #slimmingworld #weightlossjourney #swinstagram #lifestylechange #slimmingworkduk #ad #healthylifestyle #slimmingworldplan #swplan #slimmingworldjourney #slimmingworldfriends #sw #swinsta #foodoptimising #healthyeating #slimmingworldmotivation #slimmingworldblogger #slimmingworldrecipes #slimmingworldideas #weightloss #healthyfood @molliesjourneytoslim molliesjourneytoslim ✨ Mollie - Slimming World ✨

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stephanieslimming - S T E P H A N I E🎀 1 week ago

Ahhh this is my favourite😩!! Enjoy, you absolutely deserve it after losing 5 stone, well done you! I saw this post on the tags page so thought I’d follow you for sharing this as I know some people like to unfollow when you post something non slimming worldy 😂xxx

becksf78 - Becks Frewin 1 week ago

Just enjoy it you don’t need to justify to anyone it’s all about balance. Well done on the 5 stone that is amazing xx

whitmoremelissa - Melissa Whitmore 1 week ago

Omg wow what an achievement I'm 3 pounds away from my 4 stone an I'm wanting to do this once i hit my last target well done an i hope you enjoy it well deserved xx ♡