4 days out. No words really, just feelings❤️ I am so SO proud of myself for making it here, and I am so grateful for those around me who support me and continue to lift my spirits to an all time high. I’m here, I’m doing what I love, with the people I love... I’ve already won🥰 Coach: @nelzonj #TeamNelzonJ Supps: @revive_md @ehp_stuart #TheREVIVEDifference #WeMadeIt #DreamChasing #LevelUp #GoAllIn #FocusedAndFearless #TheresAStormBrewing #DreamTeam #Blessed #NPCBikini @nadzzilla nadzzilla Nadia Jade

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thejuneissue - CJ 4 days ago

You are a such a powerful & beautiful woman! & such an awe-inspiring example of what consistency and drive is for the women who follow you! Good luck at your comp! (Not that you need it 😚)