A little throwback Thursday for ya. Age 25 vs Age 30. A “balanced diet” vs Keto. Inflammation, migraines, fatigue vs. health, energy, and strength. Let the naysayers say what they want, I’ve been blessed enough to discover something that has improved my health and life. I didn’t pay for or use any meal plans or exercise plans, KETO IS FREE! ❤️ ✌🏼.- - - - - - #throwbackthursday #intermittentfasting #ketoadapted #ketodiet #ketogenicdiet #ketotransformation #keto #ketogenic #lowcarbhighfat #ketoformentalhealth #ketoforphysicalhealth #fatfueled #fatadapted #fatisphat #lchf #hflc #wls #weightlosstransformation #weightloss @see.tiff.keto see.tiff.keto Tiffany Kilcup

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alintermoot - Amy Hodnicki-Lintermoot 1 week ago

Thanks for sharing your journey! Should the first couple of weeks be strictly 25g or less? I thought I’d see more weight loss now. Been Keto 3 weeks🤔

allie.brackett - Allie B. 1 week ago

Way to go Tiffy! Trying to stick with this even though I’m not losing any weight 😢 I feel good and that’s worth it to me. I know it will eventually start to fall off but man this plateau sucks

txtara79 - Tara-Kate Collins 1 week ago

Thanks for the inspiring share😊! I was doing so great and felt so great then I fell off currently getting back on board and starting to finally be at the stage again where eggs is my craving versus carbs or sugar...here's to hard work paying off 🙌 great job!

prayandrun - Janice 1 week ago

I noticed your a homeschool mom. I homeschooled my 7 kids for 18 years. I sure wish Keto was around years ago. Atkins was popular but I didn’t believe it was sustainable. You look great😘

keto.angel.007 - Keto. Low Carb. Pro Makeup 1 week ago

I have been low carb / keto for 16+ years now and I have nothing but amazing health in all this time. Yes, keto is free, easier than people think and do-able in the long them! Go girllllllll!