We’re excited to announce that our flagship text is now available on audiobook! Read by the author, Mark Rippetoe. You can pick it up through Audible and Amazon now. iTunes version will be available soon. . #startingstrength #barbell #training #squat #press #deadlift #bench #strength #training #strengthtraining @startingstrength startingstrength Starting Strength

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jonacopas - Jon 1 week ago

Just bought the audio book. When can we expect Practical Programming?

repppppps - 1 week ago

I would be very disappointed if I heard some automated voice without an accent

b.cook29 - Benjamin Cook 1 week ago

When will Rip be going on the Joe Rogan Podcast? I feel that we are be cheated out of an educational podcast full of Rip wisdom/vulgarities.......

ketokrypto - 1 week ago

That's exactly the voice i hear when I read it, now i wont feel crazy.

freakmaker1 - Darren Mehling, BA, CSCS 1 week ago

In my opinion, still one of, if not then THE best text for barbell training! Period. The more people that read and apply this text to their training, the better the world will become! Thank you for writing Starting Strength! 👊