If you want to be a lion you must train with lions. It’s time to go beast mode!!! @huge285 @guydelcorsonpc @ifbbpro_eugenemishin @flex4me @watch_ur_6 watch_ur_6 🌐 IFBB PRO Nick Lopano

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skrawse - skrawse 1 week ago

Damn. Just. Damn. Nilo you are one committed disciplined awesome guy. Good luck in all your competitions💪

lilmissmonty2.0 - Annie 1 week ago

Damn hun your not a lion im sorry the real king if the jungle is a eastern lowland gorilla 🦍 that be you 😍😍

papillonvic - Victor Boyd 1 week ago

Inspirational Nick , you have taken it to a whole different level my friend . Proud of you brother !!!❤️